Version 0.4 - Demo

Be a Flame of Hope

In an abandoned temple, home only to the spirits,  a horde of demons rise from of Hell and lay waste to the one peaceful ruins. Knaz and his Withering cohorts trapped your friends in some machine to fuel his weapons of war.

After one spirit escaped captivity, it's now up to Bosco to search this desecrated temple to rescue the Wisps of the Ruins Gold.


Look around the temple for four hidden candles to light. It will unlock the room your wisp friend is captive in. The Withering will try to kill you, so be wary!

This Demo

This is version 0.4, a demo / prototype for a larger idea. This is more of a demo of Bosco's core moveset, elements of exploration, and general game feel,

Future updates will involve more enemies to test your combat skills, as well as new ways to explore. The plot will be a lot more prevalent as well.

Overall, we all want to hear what you'd like more of. Let us know what you think of the game so far!


JumpC or P
or I
MoveArrows or WASD
PauseEscape or Enter/Return


Cyclone SpinAttack ➔ Attack ➔ Attack
Buzz BladeAttack in midair
Up SlashAttack + Up
Sky ThrustAttack + Up in midair
Ground PoundAttack + Down in midair

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